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Christmas is coming – and although most of us love the festive season,  it’s traditionally bad news for the planet.

December brings with it increased product buying, more packaging, more commercial transport – and vast amounts of rubbish afterwards.

It is estimated that wrapping paper alone used in the UK at Christmas, would cover the whole of Guernsey – and gifts aside, we will use around 750 million EXTRA bottles or glass containers and 500 million more drinks cans.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be bringing you some suggestions for a Greener Christmas and tips on reducing the amount of festive waste.

In the meantime, you could consider

Sending  an e-card rather than a traditional Christmas card to internet-savvy friends

Buying as local as possible – often a small games shop in town will cost little more than a chainstore outlet – and you’ll be supporting your local economy

Buying real charity Christmas cards – rather than those sold by many retailers which sometimes offer only a tiny donation to charity. Get them direct from Oxfam or your favourite charity instead

Planning your Christmas menu in advance so that you don’t buy much more food than you really need

Taking reusable bags on your shopping trips. (If you forget, it doesn’t mean to have to accept a bag in every store. Smaller items will often fit into a bag that you’re already carrying

Checking the energy rating on any large appliances or electrical items that you intend to buy

You could also try to buy children’s toys that don’t need up to six batteries at a time. I’ve already bought traditional tiddly-winks for my little one. I used to be quite an expert so we’ll see if I’ve still got the knack 

And if you work with more than a couple of people, suggest a Secret Santa this year where you put names in a hat and buy a gift for just the person whose name you pull out.  It not only saves unnecessary (and often unwanted) gifts but cuts down on your shopping – and saves everyone money!



While we’re all switching off lights, recycling our newspapers and buying local to help in the fight against Climate Change, what are the rich and famous doing for the environment?

Well, quite a lot it would seem – according to a report by The Daily Green web newsletter which has compiled a list of the Top 10 Green Celebrities.

And the overall winner is ….

Politician Al Gore, who was behind the controversial film “An inconvenient Truth” and also hosted Live Earth.

Hot on his heels is heart-throb film star, Brad Pitt, who has donated $5million of his own money towards projects in flood-ravaged New Orleans and founded an organization, Make It Rite, to provide new green homes for those left devastated by the damage.

Next is Leonardo DiCaprio (dubbed the king of the green world for his efforts over several years to encourage environmental action.) He has just written and produced a new eco-documentary called 11th Hour.

In fact, countless Hollywood celebs are involved a huge range of environmental projects, campaigns and businesses.  

But of course, there are also many who seem to delight in upsetting environmentalists with their jetset lifestyles and disregard for the planet. 

You can find out who is good and who is not at



The holly and the ivy, when they are both full grown.

Leave them exactly where they are and find decorative alternatives instead of cutting it down and suffocating the planet.