Is it your birthday this month?  If so, you could help an excellent charity – and solve the gift buying headache for at least a couple of friends or relatives this year.

A charity set up two years ago to provide fresh water for families in Ethiopia has launched a September Campaign and it wants people who have a birthday this month to give their support by asking people to donate to the campaign rather than buy a gift.

Of course, we all love to receive gifts on our birthday – well, I do anyway 🙂  – but most of us have friends or relatives who usually buy us a non-returnable gift that we would never choose for ourselves.

My daughter turns nine this week and when I told her about the campaign, she thought it was a great idea. Unfortunately, she also has a birthday wish list that would put the toy section of the Argos catalogue to shame!

However, we have set up a page for her on the campaign website and I’ve made a donation by buying a couple of the games she wants second-hand (or pre-owned which sounds a lot better.) 🙂

The idea of the campaign is that people donate your age in cash so I’ve donated $9 – and the donation has been matched by corporate sponsors on the website, making a total of $18.

One of the best things about this appeal is that 100% of your money goes towards the drilling work. All of the organisation’s expenses are covered by private donors, corporations and sponsors.

So, if you’re celebrating your birthday in September, make it easy for at least a couple of friends this year – and help to relieve the plight of thousands of families in the Third World at the same time.

According to Charity: Water, around 75% of people in Ethiopia don’t have access to safe drinking water but clean water is available underground in most villages – hence the drilling operations. 

If you need any further convincing about the value of this project – watch this trailer which features the founder, Scott Harrison. He’s 33 this month so he’s asking his friends and family to donate $33.

Apparently the founder of Treehugger, Graham Hill, also has his birthday this month and he’s asking Treehugger readers to support the drilling work by making a donation in lieu of presents. 

Of course, if you don’t have a birthday this month, you can still make a donation. There are pages of birthday people on the site waiting for donations  – including my daughter 🙂 And since she’s only nine, you’ll be spending less than £5 if you donate her age in dollars.  




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