Does your budding Gordon Ramsay want to learn how to cook?

At the Kids Cookery School – he or she will learn how to cook simple, tasty, nutritious meals – in a safe environment.

Situated in Acton, West London, the Kids Cookery School is a registered Charity that aims to reach out to children and young people who are most in need.

The Staff At Kids Cookery School

The Principal of the School is Fiona Hamilton-Fairley. An enthusiastic cook herself, she believes that getting children involved in cooking will teach them the skills to make good food choices for themselves.

Head Chef is John Fernandez.  John leads the teaching team at the Kids Cookery School.

Alexander (Al) Volev is Deputy Chef and Food Safety Trainer.

Nadia Essa is the person that makes sure everything is running smoothly at The Kids Cookery School.

Finally, but most importantly is Hilary. She is the one who goes out with a begging bowl – Fundraising for Kids Cookery School.

Why KCS Is?

The Kids Cookery School is dedicated to teaching children and young people how to cook.  Kids are also taught how to choose healthy and nutritious food. This empowers the children and young people to be able to look forward to a healthier future.

What’s On Offer At KCS?

The Kids Cookery School teaches about 2 500 students per year how to cook.

At the Kids Cookery School – besides teaching able-bodied kids how to cook, they also welcome children with Special Needs (physical, learning or behavioural).  The premises are disabled friendly and can accommodate wheelchairs.

They Have Received Donations From:

Being a Registered Charity, fundraising is an important part of the Kids Cookery School.

•    The Frozen Cookie Company donates 20% of the proceeds from their stall at this weekend’s Real Food Festival.
•    The Kids Cookery School is looking for a new supermarket sponsor to supply food and household goods.
•    Electrolux have donated Kitchen Appliances
•    Association of Catering Excellence (ACE) Quiz Night raised £500
•    John Lewis donated £500 in vouchers for new equipment
•    Sodexo Foundation’s STOP Hunger Campaign donated £6 400
•    Holroyd Howe donates £53 000 to the Kids Cookery School
If you would like to make a donation please go to

Contact Details

The Kids Cookery School
107 Gunnersbury Lane
W3 8HQ

Tel: 020 8992 8882
Fax: 020 8992 7770




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