Okay – I’m not too sure how well this topic fits in with the usual Serious Monday offerings – but I felt it was just too important to ignore.

A granddad in Leicester claims that he has survived cancer thanks to a daily drink of broccoli juice!

Ray Wiseman, 79, was diagnosed with bladder cancer more than five years ago and says doctors did not expect him to live.  But, having heard of the cancer-fighting properties of broccoli, his wife turned it into a drink (adding carrots and apples to improve the flavour.)

And she claims cancer researchers have now asked her for the recipe so that they can carry out further research because successive tests have shown that the cancer is no longer spreading. 

Obviously, it’s far too early to say whether his cancer has really been halted by his broccoli drink or whether other factors are involved.

However, scientific studies in the past have shown that a broccoli molecule can help to curb breast cancer and that eating broccoli can help to prevent prostate cancer. So it isn’t inconceivable that broccoli juice has played at least some part  in Mr Wiseman’s case.

Virtually all of us know someone who has been affected by cancer, so it would be incredible if once again, the answer lay with Mother Nature and our incredible environment – which has provided us with so many “medicines” in the past – from life-saving heart drugs (courtesy of the digitalis plant) to simple painkillers (aspirin from the willow tree).




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