Almost every day we hear about a new project or initiative that has been set up to fight climate change or protect the environment.

Mostly, they are great campaigns or programmes that have our planet’s best interests at heart –  but with so many of them springing up, it’s getting harder and harder to become excited about another new kid on the block.

But today, I’m EXCITED !

And hopefully, you will be too – once you find out more about 350.  Yes, it’s a short title – and some critics complain that its name is meaningless and doesn’t tell us anything about its aims.

Okay, I’ll concede that at the moment, the name probably doesn’t mean a lot to most people. But it’s short and simple and as its founders point out, numbers are one of the few things that are universal to many countries of the world.

The name, 350, represents the number that top scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere –measured in parts per million (ppm)

And that’s what the new organisation is all about.  It is looking to build worldwide support for its campaign to get us back to 350ppm. (At the moment, we’re standing at around 387 ppm)

And if its launch video is anything to go by, it stands an excellent chance of reaching the masses – in many different countries.  This video is definitely one to watch.

It sums up the climate change challenge in just 90 seconds (without even using any words until the closing screen) so it will mean something to most people, whatever language they happen to speak.

I reckon the video is a definite award-winner – but see it for yourself and make up your own mind

So, what’s so exciting about ?  Lots of things actually, but for me, the main two are:

•     it boils down the technical mumbo-jumbo surrounding climate change to a level that an eight-year-old can understand (my daughter is proof of that) and it uses some great analogies to explain the challenges we face and what actions we can take

•    It hasn’t been set up by any government or official agency. It uses mainly volunteers – and its mission is to build “a global grassroots” climate movement

Those involved  – including environmentalist Bill McKibben who wrote one of the first books on global warming for the general public – recognise that many people in many places are already doing their bit to save our planet.

They say their hope is “we can shine a spotlight on the work of existing organisations, highlighting everyone’s incredible work and knitting these many efforts together for a powerful and unified call to action–a call that is global, scientific, and specific.

“By providing a common platform with the 350 target, we can help to stitch together a whole that is truly greater than the sum of its parts, a diverse movement that speaks with one collective voice.”

And so say all of us !!

The 350  launch website is excellent – certainly the best climate site I’ve seen in a LONG while and for those who want a simple history of the subject, there’s an excellent article about it.

Sign up to 350 now….. and take every chance you can to spread the word 

You can find out all you need to know about 350 and how you can get involved here




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