People all over Britain are being urged to take part in World Environment Day next week.

The global event, which takes place next Thursday, June 5, was established in 1972 by the United Nations and this year will be hosted by New Zealand.

But countries around the world will be supporting the event, which the UN says is intended to “give a human face to environmental issues and empower people to become active agents of sustainable development.”

A huge variety of events will be taking place including street rallies, bike parades, tree planting and clean-up campaigns.  And if you’re looking for ideas on what to do, then you’re bound to find a good idea in the World Environment Day alphabet which suggests 80 different ways in which you can take part.

UN officials say we should use this year’s event to examine the state of our environment and consider what each of us must do to help preserve life on earth.

Britain’s Environment Agency is urging people to take part and you can visit its website to make an environmental promise.  It has promised that a new website which goes live today will give lots of ideas and provide a range of resources for people planning projects.

It is hoped that schools, universities and colleges will take part in the event and there are also many community events planned.  In London, there will be a green auction and tree planting events. Check out what is happening in your area by clicking on the regional map on the Environment Agency website.
And don’t forget that just four days later, National Liftshare Day will be taking place in the UK.  Businesses and organisations are being urged to set up their own liftshare scheme and individuals can log onto the website and try to arrange to share transport with another traveller. is a completely FREE service with members all over the country who regularly – or occasionally – share a journey to reduce C02 (and fuel costs!) To date, it has helped to arrange more than one million shared journeys and currently has more than 200,000 members.




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