Potential sites have been announced by the UK government which wants to create 10 new eco-towns in England over the next few years.

The government says building in existing towns and cities alone will not create enough new homes to satisfy demand and the creation of eco-towns to help fill the gap will also help in cutting carbon emissions from housing.

Housing Minister Caroline Flint has just announced 15 potential locations which will go forward to the next stage. Another 40 proposals have been rejected because the government believes they are unworkable or not ambitious enough.

Those chosen to go through to the next round make use of brownfield (previously developed) sites such as military land, former mining areas and industrial sites.

There will now be consultation with local councils and the public in the 15 areas chosen. Those that finally go ahead will have to achieve zero carbon standards by using green technologies while providing affordable housing served by public transport, schools and health facilities. Developments will also have to protect local wildlife.

The government wants to build five eco-towns by 2016 and up to 10 by 2020 as part of its plan to create three million new homes.

The 15 shortlisted sites are at:
Pennbury, Leicestershire
Manby and Strubby, Lincolnshire
Curborough, Staffordshire
Middle Quinton, Warwickshire:
Bordon-Whitehill, Hampshire:
Weston Otmoor, Oxfordshire
Ford, West Sussex:
Imerys China Clay Community, Cornwall
Rossington, South Yorkshire
Coltishall, Norfolk
Hanley Grange, Cambridgeshire
Marston Vale and New Marston, Bedfordshire
Elsenham, Essex
Rushcliffe, Nottinghamshire – site yet to be chosen
Leeds City Region, Yorkshire – site yet to be chosen

Susan hunt



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