A new leisure centre planned for London is set to become one of the greenest gyms in the UK – and will use recycled rainwater for its indoor swimming pool.

The £37m development planned by Harrow Council has been designed with the environment and energy saving in mind.

It is hoped that the building will be able to heat and cool itself through special vents that will use wind from outside to cool the gym and hot air from the swimming pool to provide 75 per cent of the building’s heating.

Planning permission has yet to be given for the building which includes a range of innovative energy saving ideas.  These include getting gym users to generate enough electricity to power mini computers on treadmills and bikes and the use of solar panels to provide up to a fifth of the hot water needed for showers.

Architect David Lambert, who designed the new building, said: “By commissioning these eco-friendly designs, Harrow Council are delivering on their promise to reduce the impact on the environment.

“This will be one of the greenest leisure centres to date. What better than to keep fit whilst saving the planet?”




  1. 1 ian russell March 31, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    Sadly, this is opportunistic council beating on an empty drum. Not one of the measures mentioned are innovative. Most have been adopted for decades as a means of saving money, not the planet.

    Heat reclaimation on ventilation systems has been used for decades as a matter of economics, the system described sounds like ones I learned about in college, a Scandinavian invention. The suggestion that treadmills and bikes will generate their own power to run integrated mini-computers – no doubt to tell them how much energy they are producing, yes? or calories lost, no? – is laughable. It’s like announcing the bikes come with a seat. Solar panels are so established there’s a healthy domestic market now, and grey water harvesting (rainwater recycling – probably the newest idea mentioned) is already in use in many buildings throughout the UK. There is no mention made of the elephant in the room – the cost of heating and sterilizing the pool itself.

    David Lambert says, “This will be one of the greenest leisure centres to date. What better than to keep fit whilst saving the planet?”

    Well, don’t build it and get people walking in the park, cycling and running, and working allotments instead. LOL.

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