What were you doing at 8pm on Saturday night ? Hopefully, you were enjoying a rare break from electricity along with millions of other people around the globe.

No? Then obviously you missed Earth Hour 2008 promoted by the World Wildlife Fund.  But don’t feel too bad …. although it’s huge in the USA, Canada and Australia this year, it’s just another of those campaigns that the UK hasn’t really cottoned onto yet. 

Organised by WWF UK, the effort here was supported in a few areas – including Cardiff and West Sussex – but it could have been huge with the support of more cities.

I took part – but only because I found out about it at the last minute while researching my Serious Monday articles.

Earth Hour was first held  last year in Sydney, Australia and 2.2 million people turned out the lights for an hour to save energy and reduce emissions.

But this year, the idea was taken up by some of the biggest cities in the USA and Canada and it is estimated that tens of millions of people took part.

It happened from 8pm to 9pm with some of the world’s most recognisable landmarks – such as the Sydney Opera House and the San Francisco Bay Bridge – going dark for an hour.

Of course, as WWF point out, switching off our lights for one hour is not going to be   enough to tackle climate change.  We need to live the principles underlying Earth Hour every day.




  1. 1 ian russell March 31, 2008 at 10:12 am

    No, I never heard about this. I wonder if it does any lasting good. I know what happens when there is a power-cut: once the lights come on, everybody goes off to make tea and causes havoc with the energy supply – sometimes even causing the power to short-out again!

    Also, people do this and it salves their conscience enough not to do anymore about it. It’s like a licence to carry on as normal, get out of jail free card, a sovereign in the poor box at christmas. (I’m not saying you, as you’ve got this blog up so I know you care more than most).

    I seem to be forever turning certain lights off around the house – bathroom, hallway, kitchen… I wonder if a time delay switch would be better installed – compulsory! – in all new houses in transitory rooms so they would go out automatically. Also kettles should be designed so that there is a steep exponential curve relationship between how much they’re filled and the time taken to boil, thus making it ridiculous to overfill a kettle for a cup of tea. You could have a smaller kettle but I don’t believe people would buy them given a choice.

    You should ”mirror” some of these excellent posts on Resurgence forum, Susan – a simple copy&paste job – it might get something moving there and give you some free advertising space for your efforts here.

  2. 2 ian russell March 31, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    re: last paragraph in previous comment, I realize now it isn’t your blog, Susan. It’s just that your name appears on the posts I picked up on. It is a magazine or team blog (running as part of an advertising outlet?), so I understand you may want exclusivity of content.

    Have you considered designing a home page which explains this better at a glance – and, perhaps, gives easier access to separate stories and articles? Rather like a news site, eg. BBC News.

  3. 3 NiraliSherni April 11, 2008 at 11:26 am

    Earth Hour is a great initiative and was very successful i believe. I read somewhere about a no car day to be celebrated in May, you are exempt if you drive an eco friendly vehicle like an electric car though.

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