It slipped by virtually unnoticed in the UK, but Easter Saturday was also World Water Day.

If you missed it, don’t feel too bad.  It doesn’t quite seem to have caught on in Britain yet – despite the fact that the UN General Assembly designed March 22 as World Water Day way back in 1992 to draw international attention to the  lack of clean, safe drinking water worldwide.

Last year, almost 70 cities in the USA passed resolutions acknowledging the occasion and during Easter weekend this year, there were Walk for Water events in a number of cities including New York, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Although most of the developed world takes clean water for granted  – in much the same way as we expect air to breathe – more than a billion people around the globe still don’t have safe drinking water. Another 2.5 billion don’t have adequate toilets or sanitation.
World Water Day is working to change that and hopes that as the international day of observance and action becomes more widespread it will draw attention to the plight of those without clean water and raise money to help.

I didn’t hear about it this year until it had passed – so I didn’t even get to take part in the Virtual Walk for Water which was available to people in areas that didn’t have their own event.  (You had to register online in advance and someone on a real walk would carry your name with them in a jug).

However, it’s still possible to make a donation online – and I for one have marked the date in my diary so that I don’t miss it next year !

To raise awareness of the issue, a group in Ghana last year recorded The Clean Water Song.

Hopefully, there will be some events in the UK in 2009.
You can find out more about World Water Day here




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