Just think – you can visit a huge forest of wild – wild – wild family fun and adventure.

Bewilderwood is in Norfolk, just North of Norwich. There are roughly about 50 acres of eco – friendly treehouses, mazes and zip wires.  Its creator Tom Biofeld calls it ‘a reality adventure for bold and daring children.’ Watch out kids, mum and dad might show you up as they go wild.

The Story of the Enchanted Forest.

Long, long ago there was this Enchanted Forest.  If you were lucky, you might have seen Cheeky Marsh Boggles chasing each other through the trees.  But they had to keep watch for the very scary Crocklebog, who lurked ready to jump out at any unsuspecting Marsh Boggle.

Who Else Lives In Bewilderwood?

Do you believe in magic?  Yes – wonderful. Ok, close your eyes, cross your fingers and turn round twice and you will discover the magical world of Bewilderwood.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bewilderwood.

This is the home of certain creatures you will never have seen before. But you will be enchanted with their hidden little houses, tricky trails and they might even tell you tales of their adventures.

Here Is Swampy.


A Marsh Boggle who loves going on adventures. Considering he is only a Boggle – he can tell the most fascinating stories – of faraway lands, full of daring meetings with wild and wacky creatures.  He’ll even tell you about the delicious meals you can eat while on your adventure.

Hello Thornyclod.


A scary, hairy spider but oh dear he does have a problem. He loves shoes – but nobody makes them in eights.  So when he is busy spinning his webs, if he has any web left over, he makes himself some web bootees.

The Twiggle Loves To Dance.


They also love all bright colours.  They are the village painters. Everything in the village is painted beautiful bright colours.

And it’s the Twiggles who look after all the other creatures in the forest.

But take care. Twiggles hate litter and mess. So don’t drop litter – take it home with you.

Watch Out for The Wood Witch.


Now being a Witch some of her potions could change you into a Picklenewt. Can you trust her?

Let Me Introduce You To Mildred The Crocklebog.


She is a Vegetarian and is Queen of the Scaaaary Lake.  She loves talking to people and dressing up for a party. She’s a bit shy, can you coax her to come out and chat?

What’s Happening In The Woods?

There are always loads of things going on in the woods.

From lessons in building dens – to weekends of story telling (and some of these stories are really scary, especially on our ghost trips and lantern tours).  Then there are Treasure Hunts and Puppet Shows. And later in the year there will be Halloween Parties, Chestnut Roasting and are you brave enough to take on the Bewilderwood Challenge?

A Mini Adventure for Toddlers

The Twiggles have been so busy lately.  They are launching a new play area especially for toddlers up to 5 years old.

Parents can relax, knowing that their toddler is playing in a safe area called Toddlewood.  It’s colourful, inspiring stimulating fun and very safe.

Some Future Events for Your Diary

•    March 22nd – 30th         Mildred’s Easter Egg and Spoon Hunt
•    May 24th – 26th         Our Big Bewilder Birthday
•    July 26th – 27th         Twiggle Dress Parade
•    August 23rd – 25th          Paint a Boggle Poem
•    October Half Term        Giggling Pumpkin Parade & Bewilder
Monster Party

Contact Details:

Horning Road
NR12 8JW

Tel: 01603 783900




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