Chatsworth in Derbyshire – a popular Historic House.

The whole family is catered for. So you can bring the kids and grandparents – everyone will enjoy himself or herself.

The house, garden and farmyard will reopen March 12th.

What’s Happening at Easter?

From March 15th to April 20th there is the Spring Trail.

The Spring Trail showcases the gardens, The Daffodils nodding their golden heads in the Spring Sunshine, and also the Primroses are in bloom.

Also for the children a Pack will be provided.

What’s In This Pack?

•    A Trail Sheet
•    Treasure Hunt Information
•    And A Chocolate Egg if it is the Easter Weekend

Do You Want To Play Hunt The Egg?

The Egg Hunt takes place Saturday and Sunday March 22nd and 23rd.

In Your Easter Bonnet

Children can make their own Easter Bonnets in the Barn. And on Easter Monday March 24th they can take part in the Easter Parade.

What Else Can You See or Do at Chatsworth?

Well there is the house itself.

You can wander through the rooms that are filled with examples of magnificent craftsmanship and art treasures collected over five centuries.

Or are you the outdoor type?  Walk through the gardens and admire their flowers and trees, and spectacular waterworks.  The youngsters are encouraged to walk and play here in the garden, and in the surrounding park.


But the big attraction for younger members of the family – there is the farmyard and adventure playground.

The farmyard is home to many animals and their young.

Have you seen a cow being milked?  Demonstrations are daily. And you can learn how to handle the animals, especially the young animals. The children will learn how not to hurt them when playing with them.

There are cows, pigs, goats, sheep, horses, chickens and fish.


You and the children can learn more about the farmyard animals and their development and how they are used in food production.

Depending on what time of the year you go; the farmyard has a calendar of displays and activities. Eg New Life Weeks, Rural Skills Week, Harvest Week and Christmas Nativity Weeks from mid November.

The Adventure Playground is a must see / play in for the kids.  There is fabulous water play and spiral slides.


The huge and varied woodland adventure playground is for kids from 9 to 90. It has been built to the highest International standards of safety.

The young children can explore the sand and water play areas, while older children can see how skilful they are on towers, ropewalks, the spiral slide and commando wire. It is recommended that you let the kids play there for at least an hour – to save tears and tantrums and that’s from grandma.

For further information Tel: 01246 565 300




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