Here’s a great collaboration that’s just started between two existing organisations, Eco-Libris and BookMooch.

Now, I’m not much of a reader myself, but my partner and my mum both read avidly, and I’m constantly struggling to find enough material for them. They share books with each other, and with friends, but still run out of titles they like, especially as everyone has different favourite authors. As well as this, at some stage, someone ends up with a book that everyone else has read, and is now essentially useless.

BookMooch is a brilliant idea for extending your effective circle of reading friends, and works a little bit like an online library, or like a video rental site. One you’re registered, you can type in the details of books you are prepared to give away, and you get one tenth of a “Mooch Point” for each that you put in. Other Moochers can browse or search the database for books they want to read, and you send them the book. For each you send, you get one point, which entitles you to receive one book from another member. You can keep the book forever if you want, or you can relist it. The only restriction is that you must donate at least one book for each five you receive.

Eco-Libris sells packs of stickers, for $1 per sticker. You put the sticker on a book, and they work with not-for-profit ecological organisations to plant a tree to “balance out” the environmental effect of that book. Most people start with a pack of 25 stickers. Now Eco-Libris and BookMooch have teamed up, so that you can use your Eco-Libris stickers to earn extra Mooch Points, one for every 10 trees you help to get planted.


If you have spare Mooch points, you can also donate them to one of the supported charities, so you have lots of different ways of helping the planet. I think both the ideas are really good, and there are already redundant paperbacks hanging around in my sitting room that I have mentally earmarked to offer up, and not only will it tidy the house a bit, but also set my bookworms up with a bit more matter to digest.




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