Why not have a relaxing weekend at Cherry Wood in Bath?

Forget about the rather hectic lifestyle of the 21st Century and get back to basics. No TV, radio, newspapers, electricity and phones. Instead, you can have a compost toilet and cook on an earthen oven.

Cherry Wood is a 40 acre sustainably managed woodland. Its owner Tim Gatfield offers Green Woodcraft Workshops. These Workshops teach traditional woodcrafts – such as chair making (Bodging), charcoal burning and shelter building, that was the way of life hundreds of years ago.

When ‘Bodging,’ Chair Making, you will use ‘Green’ or unseasoned wood that has only been cut a few days earlier. This is an opportunity to understand and enjoy wood and all its uses.

Or you can make it a family woodland weekend.

You can camp on site in tents, along with compost toilets and earth ovens, and enjoy an efficient wood heated shower. And how about preparing your own evening meal, using the waist high earth ovens?

Or if you prefer more modern conveniences, there are B&B’s close by.

Family Woodland Weekends cost £145 for adults and children go for £70, this includes lunch plus £3 per night to pitch your tent.

Interested in finding out more?  Contact Tim at or visit the website.




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