Sudell Cross in Blackburn, UK, is a busy spot with a wealth of beautiful Victorian architecture, but with modern facilities and energy needs. It needed a light feature that would be an attraction and a focal point, and that is what it has just gained, in the form of a huge and beautiful LED sculpture designed by artist Simon Watkinson. Lit throughout both day and night, this magnificent structure’s light morphs through an array of dazzling colours.

The steel and fabricated metal marvel cost £1.1, stands 10 m tall, and is attracting tourists from all over the UK. Titled “The Braid”, it echoes the textile manufacturing heritage of the region and seems to symbolise community strength and cohesion by the joining together of many strands. It has boosted business for local shops and restaurant owners.

The colour changing LED fittings in the 3M Martin Architectural lights are striking and mesmerising, but also comforting, like a child’s night light. Like the London Oasis, which I’ve mentioned before, these kinds of city features really seem like living things, friendly giants or guardians watching over the city and its people.



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