Maybe this will be the most viral video ever. This incredible production, by a high school science teacher named Greg Craven is becoming absolutely huge. The original YouTube video was titled “The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See”, in which Craven set out, using just a whiteboard and marker, a very simple truth-table based argument about why we should not ignore threats of global warming. His video generated thousands of comments, some of which pointed out genuine flaws in the reasoning. Undaunted, Craven has responded with a corrected version of the original, now titled “How It All Ends”, and urges us all not to watch the original, but instead to view this:

More than that, though, he has bolstered his arguments with the most incredible set of videos that he claims will address any question you have, all the “ifs” and “buts” and “what abouts”, and he dares, double dares and even “double-dog-dares” you to find anything wrong in his argument. Craven spent several months living on takeaways and energy drinks while putting together this amazing, 44 part masterwork, while his wife and two daughters moved out for weeks at a time to enable him to concentrate on his filming.

The series starts here.

It’s an amazing magnum opus, and he’s incredibly good in front of the camera. He has a gift for teaching, and for script writing, and film directing, too. At the end, he urges you to “spread the message” – which is what I and many, many other bloggers are currently doing. With over 700,000 views and 5,325 comments so far on YouTube for the original video, and over 169,000 views and 2,340 comments for the replacement, plus innumerable blog comments and blog reactions, it is going to be hard to quantify exactly how much reach and penetration his videos will eventually have. His audience certainly stretches into millions. There are, of course, both supporters and dissenters, and I trust that the talented Mr Craven will continue to hone his arguments.

For those already convinced by global climate change arguments, the hope will doubtless be that his heroic efforts help to convince the unbelievers. For those who are unsure, or who think global warming might exist but who haven’t had time to do their homework, his YouTube series is a scientifically gentle but very thorough course, and the most perfect way to catch up with the pros and cons in your own time. For those who are certain that global warming does not exist – well, this should please you too, because creating such a widespread and open debate will surely expose the flaws in the current trends of thought, and put the matter to rest once and for all.

Whichever way you tend to lean, I defy anyone to see these broadcasts as anything other than an incredibly positive contribution to public understanding of the arguments, and a great step towards achieving some kind of consensus – whichever side of the debate eventually wins.



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