If your office produces piles of waste paper, have you seriously thought of recycling it?

You really ought to. 

Why should you bother?

You will save money and the Environment by:-

• Reducing Landfills
• Save on Waste Incineration costs
• Trees will be saved too

Bioregional has been setup to provide a sustainable Office Paper Cycle System for London and the South East.  They can offer you free advice and support to help you and your business recycle your white office paper waste.  They will collect your waste paper and take it back to their mill for processing (see the diagram below).


The processed paper is then sold back to your business for reuse.  This works out cheaper than buying new paper.

The scheme is called Local Paper for London.  It was launched by the Mayor Ken Livingstone in 1999.

It has been found that offices buying back the recycled paper make an average annual saving of 20%.

Direct Line Insurance plc joined the scheme late 1999.  The Company’s Financial Director Richard Houghton said:

‘Environmental performance and cost control are very important to us at Direct Line and the nice thing about the scheme is that it meets both our needs.  We get savings of around 20% on our paper bill because of free pick ups of our waste paper, and cheaper paper coming into the office as well, and the nice thing is it also meets this closed loop environmentally so we believe we’re saving all round.’

Other Advantage of Paper Recycling:

• Job Creation for the local people in the Paper Recycling Mills.
• The Environment is saved from destruction.
• Wood Pulp is produced in the UK.  This saves on Transport Costs compared to importing it from other countries, so saving energy and contributing less to Global Warming.

Bioregional can help you to reduce your eco-footprint and close the loop on your office paper use. For free advice and information call
020 8404 4884 or email or visit the local paper Web pages at




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