Well, only 10 days to go to the big day and I don’t know about you but I’m really looking forward to the chance to relax after a hectic month.

So, I’ve decided that the rest of my Christmas shopping will have to be done online – although I must confess that I’m still not sure if real “foot shopping” is better for the environment.

That being the case, I’m going for the online option – but first I have to visit one more shop, Lush in Newcastle, because their products are simply – well – absolutely lush !  You can buy online but that way you miss the wonderful smells. (If you do visit Lush, make sure you pick up their free newspaper product guide – it smells wonderful and you can hug it all the way home on the bus 🙂 )

At the moment, Lush is to young people what the Body Shop was to trendies back in the 90s so their products go down a treat with young relatives.

Lush use organic fruit and vegetables in many products and are campaigning against animal testing. They also have a new green range and use popcorn instead of polystyrene beads or bubble wrap in their postal packaging.   You can see all the wonderful natural products for yourself by logging onto the Lush website.
 (And, just In case you haven’t guessed it yet, Lush beauty products are * so *  at the top of my Christmas wish list! )


Lush Cupcake chocolate face mask for teenage or problem skins – £5.45.


Lush Tisty Tosty – £2.50 – to weave a love spell. From the Bath Ballistic range which also includes Fairy Jasmine, Sex Bomb, Happy Pill and Big Blue)

Comforter bubble bar from Lush –  gives you a pink, warming, fluffy bath to protect you from the big wide world – £3.50

Last year, in my search for products that wouldn’t need to be recycled, I bought gift vouchers for two relatives from the local beauty clinic and they went down extremely well.  One used hers to have a make-over while the other enjoyed a manicure and skin-cleansing session.

My sister has an elderly neighbour who rarely gets out and she’s bought her a gift voucher for a meal for two at a local restaurant which is another great idea.

And if you still need any convincing about the need to reduce packaging, check out this documentary




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