Like many people, I have such great intentions to recycle, but somehow when it comes to it the kitchen waste bin is always more convenient. In the UK at least, the amount of help that households have in terms of what can be collected in domestic refuse services varies enormously from council to council. For items that aren’t collected, a recycling centre is the solution, but this is much more difficult if you can’t drive.


I was really impressed when I saw this Ecopod – it’s a clean, self contained collector and crusher for bottles and cans. It’s streamlined and neat, and functionally just as convenient as my kitchen pedal bin. Since it crushes what you put in, it hold a lot more and takes up less space than the rubbish bags I’d otherwise need to use. By the time it’s full, I reckon I could hitch a lift from a friend to take the contents to the centre. There’s a nice little demo here.

It’s only available in the US at the moment, but surely must be heading for retail sales elsewhere in the near future. At $328, some may regard it as expensive, but I’d still say it’s money well spent. It’s smaller and cheaper than a dishwasher, and for my money it fulfills a much more gratifying function.




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