Since it’s nearly Christmas, I thought I’d indulge myself with a second dose of shiny, pretty things this week. Litroenergy is a patent pending development from MPK Co., a company that normally makes glow in the dark paints. What paints they are, too – a revelation themselves, for those like me who remember the rather weak, pale green stuff that used to be the norm.


Unlike traditional glow in the dark products, though, Litroenergy does not need sunlight (or any light, for that matter) to recharge. It just glows constantly, with no external power supply for over twelve years. They claim the light is strong enough to read by, and envision usage in safety, sports and novelty applications. Their website reveals pretty much nothing about the nature of Litroenergy at the moment, but PESWiki has more information. The abstract from their patent application says that it is “a means for more efficiently and more safely providing self-luminous lighting devices for use in signs, markers, indicators and the like. The present invention provides self luminosity by means of a plurality of glass or polymer micro-spheres containing both a light-emitting phosphor and a radioactive gas. The “soft” emission of electrons from the beta emitting gas cannot penetrate the glass or polymer wall of the micro-spheres, thereby constituting no radiation hazard.”


I can’t really judge whether this is very new technology or not, but it’s certainly very lovely, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they will apply it. It reminds me of something I already have several of, which I bought as novelties but now find incredibly useful.


These are GlowRings, available from the Glow Company UK, along with lots of other eye candy. They are little glowing key fobs which last over ten years, again without batteries and not needing light to recharge. In daylight, the light is invisible, but in the dark it’s quite strong. I find them invaluable for finding my keys from the bottom of a dark bag or pocket. The best idea I’ve had so far though is to attach them to the zip fastener on my sleeping bag. Now I no longer risk breaking the zip in my fumbling attempt to find the opening when returning, frozen and impatient, to my tent in the dark.




  1. 1 richmond December 11, 2008 at 8:38 am

    do u have other distributor of that paint in the philippines?

  2. 2 Susan February 12, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    This site is now archived – susan has moved to her own site or
    Ly hope to see you there for lots of eco news and views:)

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