Winter might well bring us dark mornings, dark nights and freezing temperatures but it also brings an annual treat – outdoor ice skating.

Many of Britain’s skating rinks have closed in the past 20 years which means that most of us no longer have easy access to an indoor rink but temporary outdoor skating areas over Christmas are becoming increasingly popular.

If you live in London, you can choose from a number of venues but many cities across the UK are also offering the opportunity for you to get out on the ice.


Skating is now open in cities from Bristol to Glasgow with many in between. Skates are provided and often, special double-bladed skates are available for younger children and toddlers.

If you don’t enjoy the thrills and spills (and wet behind!) that inevitably come with the experience, then it’s still worth a trip.  Often, the rinks are combined with Christmas markets or entertainment and you can sit with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and watch the fun.

There’s something really magical about sitting out next to a Christmas tree on a cold, crisp December night watching the fun on the ice.


You can search for an outdoor rink near you on the Enjoy England website, which has details of many winter attractions. 

However, not all outdoor rinks are listed (my local outdoor skating in Sunderland doesn’t appear for instance) so it’s worth doing a general web search for skating in your town or city.




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