I am completely in love with the trioBike, a three-in-one bicycle, carrier bike and child buggy designed by Danish company, DesignAgenda. It’s so cleverly made, you don’t need any tools to change it from one function to another, and the retro look just oozes quality.


Fulfilling the highest of Denmark’s child safety standards, the carrier can take a load of up to 80kg, equivalent to two children up to about 9 years old. In its buggy function it is stylishly upholstered, and has fitted with five point safety harnesses. As a load carrier, the seat can be folded up to make extra space. It seems a great solution for people who would love to give up their cars, but can’t because they need the carriage capacity. This great little video shows how the designers envision it as part of a modern lifestyle:

Windows Media format

Quicktime format

It’s available to order on-line from the lifestyle and design store, funktionally (where I could quite happily buy almost everything). You’ll need deep pockets, though – it retails to the UK at £2,065. It’s a lot for a bicycle, I’ll grant you, but as a multi-function vehicle it could take the place of your car and child buggy, help you keep fit and help the environment. With no road tax or fuel costs, it actually seems very good economy.





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