When I first saw this, I thought it was a joke, but then, why should it be? Playmobil, the popular children’s toy sets have had many themes over the years – western, wildlife, medieval – you name it. Now they’ve added a hazardous materials disposal team to their figures collection.

It may seem overly serious as a children’s toy, but the company says it listens to its young consumers, and the set was created in response to requests from children in the United States and Germany. The bendable figures are rather fetchingly clad in green hazchem suits, and have a barrel of hazardous waste, a cleaning hose and a set of warning signs.


I suppose it’s a way of talking to children about pollution, although maybe the American and German kids already know about it. You could couple the set with this lovely cargo ship, and talk about offshore oil spills. Happy Christmas, everybody!!



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