At least 10 oils tankers and cargo ships loaded with Sulfur have wrecked in the Straight of Kerch during a storm on November 11th. Because the storm is strengthening, it is not possible for crews to contain the spills.

Another outbreak of avian flu was reported in the UK. The strain is the virulent H5N1. No one in Great Britain has contracted the human form of the virus.

Roots and Shoots in London, will hold the 25th anniversary Christmas Market on December 9th from 11-4. Admission is one pound for adults and is free for children.

Cohab2008 will be held in Galway, Ireland February 25-28, 2008.

On a special note, Thursday the 22nd is the traditional American Thanksgiving Holiday. I am starting a tradition of my own here in the UK by hosting my own special Thanksgiving dinner. I wish to introduce to my new British family, the Thanksgiving tradition. I have so much to be thankful for including my beautiful daughters, my loving husband, and my readers. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!




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