Umoja in Amsterdam has been recognized as the first Dutch restaurant to serve sustainably caught fish. The Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC’s) blue eco-labels mark two species on the restaurant’s menu- Alaska Salmon and Hastings Dover sole. MSC’s blue label is awarded to fisheries that have shown, in an independent assessment, that they keep marine habitats intact, protect endangered species and do not contribute to overfishing. The MSC’s blue label is the best way to identify sustainable seafood.

MSC’S North European Fisheries Manager Camiel Derich said,” we congratulate Umoja’s manager Frank van der Zande and his team for adding MSC- labeled fish to their organic fair trade offer. Consumers are increasingly seeking confidence that the fish they eat had been caught in a responsible way and the MSC –label gives them the assurance they ask for.”

Frank van der Zande said,” We are committed to offering our customers fish of high quality and sustainable origin. It has to be delicious but at the same time we want to do our bit for preserving fish stocks for the future. Overfishing is a serious global problem and the MSC label is the best guarantee for Umoja and its customers that the fish we work with comes from sustainable fisheries. Thus we help make sure this valuable foodstuff will be available for the future.”

The restaurants mission is to become 100% sustainable. It was the first restaurant in the Netherlands to become carbon neutral. From the day it opened its doors, it has worked with organic products. Umoja is now certified to the MSC’s traceability standard and it confirms Umoja’s commitment.

“It was a logical step to seek MSC certification,” remarked Mr. van der Zande. “The blue label offers additional assurance for us and our customers and reinforces our philosophy as a restaurant. I hope that restaurants will increasingly step up their efforts in favor of sustainable fish and join the MSC program.”

The Marine Stewardship Council was established in 1997 to promote solutions to the problems of overfishing. It runs the only recognized environmental certification and eco-labeling scheme for wild capture fisheries in the world. For further information regarding The Marine Stewardship Council, visit their website.




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