This weekend marks Scotland’s first-ever National Green Day – and let’s hope that it sets a trend !

It takes place tomorrow, November 3, in George Square, Glasgow from 10am to 6pm and whatever your age, it promises something of interest.

The event includes a consumer fair which will be showcasing environmental products and you can climb aboard an eco-bus that includes a conveyor belt challenge. This aims to teach children the importance of sorting waste and help them to find out about recycling in a fun way.

Or you could try out the Friends of the Earth inflatable ecopod with games and quizzes or have a go at making apple juice at the children’s orchard.

There will be live music from the Black Sheep Music Society and you will also be able to get signed copies of their new single which is raising money in aid of National Green Day and the Prince’s Trust.

Check out the single here

If you’d like to reduce your power consumption or take advantage of environmentally friendly alternatives, you can find out your carbon footprint and learn about wind and solar power. Dozens of companies are supporting the event by taking an exhibition stand and you will be able to buy a range of energy saving products – from low-power light bulbs to full blown cycles.

Around 70 schools are getting involved in the event through a Green Fingers Flower Show competition and a Best Green Idea challenge and the winning school will get its own wind turbine installed.

Green Day is an excellent idea and it’s also raising money for charity, so if you are within travelling distance, it looks like a great day out.

Find out more about it here or, if you can’t make it to the event, you can make a donation online.

And if you’d really like to work out your carbon footprint, you can use an online calculator here. It includes an interactive street setting that lets you check out your effect on the environment.




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