Unless you have a sound-proofed home, it’s unlikely to have escaped your attention that Bonfire Night is almost upon us.

(There’s certainly no way we could ignore it – the early crackers and rockets going off have driven our dogs insane for the past week  )


And, assuming you don’t mind frozen toes and numb fingers – there are displays all around the UK this weekend to mark Guy Fawkes Night. Officially, of course, it’s not until Monday November 5 but many public displays have been arranged for over the weekend.

So, if you are up for some noisy entertainment, a glass or two of mulled wine – or something stronger – and the fun of eating outdoors, then check out the events in your area. Often, events include children’s activities or funfair rides as well as hot dog stalls or barbecue food.

Event website Remotegoat is an excellent source of events – and it’s even added a filter for this weekend covering firework displays.

Going to a display is infinitely more fun (and a lot safer) than setting off your own fireworks – and of course, it’s better for the environment too. Most people having fireworks at home also have a bonfire and if you multiply that by a few million householders, you can guess at the amount of air pollution it causes.

But, if you must have your own bonfire, try to make sure that it serves a useful purpose and use it to dispose of items that are difficult to recycle or compost, such as diseased garden plants.

And whatever events you’re having in your garden – promise you won’t use a patio heater!




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