I just love this new site! Green Thing is a wonderful way of finding motivation to improve your lifestyle and help the planet. Green Thing is an online community that promotes green living through humour.

I was impressed by their manifesto:

“Green Thing is an easy thing. Because lots of small things can add up to more than a few big things, Green Thing suggests one easy thing a month to tempt as many people as possible to do it. Green Thing is also free which makes it easier to be part of.

Green Thing is a creative thing. Because entertainment is very inspiring and lectures a bit less so, the monthly Green Things are suggested with brilliant content from brilliant writers, musicians, designers, directors and artists – pro and am, young and old.

Green Thing is a not-for-profit thing. Because people are cynical about commercial or political agendas, Green Thing is an independent, not-for-profit thing powered by grants from foundations and individual contributions.

Green Thing is a credible thing. Because people want to know that their action is making a difference, Green Thing is endorsed by some of the planet’s leading environmental thinkers and reports back every month on the collective difference the whole community is making.

Green Thing is a principled thing. There are certain things Green Thing will and won’t do.

It will react and respond to the community. Green Thing is everybody’s thing.

It won’t hide anything, ever. The science behind the suggestions, where the money comes from, mistakes that will inevitably be made.

It will reuse existing thinking and technology wherever possible. It’s quicker, more sustainable and cheaper too.

It won’t take money from businesses producing the most C02 (oil companies, for instance, or airlines). Given what Green Thing is trying to do, it would be a bit ridiculous.

If Green Thing is about one thing, it’s people power. If we all contribute to Green Thing, it will become as creative, as credible and as irresistible as it can be. If we all do the Green Thing, it will make the biggest impact it can make.”

When you join, you receive two videos a month, encouraging you to do this month’s “green thing”. Here are a couple of samples:

Walking for pleasure

Fun walking

You can also post your own photos and videos, follow the blog, and get ideas and background information from the wiki. When you sign up, you also get your own space on the site to record the green things you’ve done, and it calculates how much carbon dioxide you’ve saved. At the end of each month, they will aggregate the figures for everyone who has participated, so you can see the total savings.

The site is pure eye candy, beautifully designed and fun to navigate. It’s hard not to be infected with the enthusiasm that pervades it. The Green Thing is personified in a gorgeous little green creature, and there’s some downloadable html to put him on your site – the really original idea though is that once you have the code, the little creature will change identity automagically every month!


October’s “green thing” is to walk more, and as well as the videos, you can download special mp3 walking audio tracks, to keep you going and keep you company.

With cute little entertainments like Walk the Line, this site is a sure-fire hit. I’ve signed up already. The only thing is, looking at the site is so fun, I’ll have to be careful that I don’t forget to actually go out and do that walk I’ve signed up for!!




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