When did you last roller skate? Okay, I have to admit that my skates are buried somewhere at the back of the shoe cupboard – and are probably well rusted by now.

Sadly, they are also traditional roller skates. I did once master inline skates but as my children will attest, I’m now too “chicken” to strap them back on.


But, if you are prepared to give it a go and you live in or around London, then there are great thrills (and spills!) to be had on your skates.

Every Saturday, there’s an Easy Peasy skate in Battersea Park starting at 10.30am (weather permitting) and for the more adventurous, there’s also the Sunday RollerStroll which sets off from the east side of Serpentine Road at 2pm.

The Rollerstroll is open to anyone who can effectively stop on their skates on a downhill gradient (if that’s not you, then book a lesson first  ) and covers a route of around six to eight miles.

You can find out the route each week by logging onto Rollerstroll and you can also read the Ten Commandments of street skating and get help and advice about skates and protective gear. (You should always wear a suitable helmet and knee and elbow pads so if you don’t have any then you need to beg or borrow some!)


If you live outside the capital then check out events organised by your local council or sports centre to see if they have any skating events open to the general public and if they don’t, why not offer to help establish something?




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