A breath of fresh air and a week’s worth of nourishing food to get you through the cold days ahead …

Sounds good? If so, it’s time you discovered farmers’ markets with their tempting range of organic meat, free range eggs and locally grown fruit and vegetables.


Farmers’ markets are now held all over the UK so you no longer need to live in the country to take advantage of the wide range of goods they offer.


And as well as allowing you to give the supermarket queues a miss and fill your fridge with food that’s actually good for you, you’ll be performing a very important environmental service.

In most cases, buying local produce helps the environment because it saves thousands of food miles and you are also helping to support your local economy. (But it’s important to bear in mind that buying some out-of-season produce grown in Britain can actually be a bad idea – because the heat and light needed for the plants has a greater environmental impact than transporting fruit and vegetables from overseas.)


If you don’t know of any farmers’ markets in your area, then you should be able to find local producers at Big Barn. It’s a virtual farmers’ market that describes itself as Britain’s No 1 local food website and its mission is to help rebuild local food supply chains across the UK.

You can find out more on Big Barn’s website.


It says our country produces some of the best food in the world and it wants people to buy local on a regular basis and help UK farmers who are increasingly under the thumb of massive supermarket chains.

Big Barn also has information on what’s in season and provides recipes using a range of British-grown food. This month it has ideas on how to use pumpkin in your cooking rather than let the poor things end up in the bin after being sacrificed to Hallowe’en.

You can also find out more on the Farmers’ Markets website or log onto the National Farmers’ Union website and use its food finder.

So, why not get out there and find out what’s on offer? And before you go, check out a newbie’s guide to farmers’ markets here



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