Monday, 15th October, 2007, was Blog Action Day.

As I last checked, the number of registered blogs had reached 15,861. I spent all day Monday reading blogs that I would never usually think to visit, and it was a very rewarding experience. Sampled below are some that struck me particularly. I urge you to read the whole post in each case, and to visit the full list of blogs that signed up – you never know what you might discover. I’ll let these speak for themselves:

Luv Abby at Bliss

I am living in Central West NSW Australia and in the second month of spring we are already on Level 5 Water Restrictions. Level 5 means that we are now bucket watering out gardens…

…Where is the proress on the new water catchment plans?? What about filtration of sea water and water from the artisan basin?? Why not use more filtered raw water on our parks and garens?? Where is the precious little water that drops from the sky going??

and her sister, Jelly Wares at Jelly Wares

As I drive through the central west I too can feel the heart break & devastation that the local farmers must be feeling. My husband coming from a farming back ground is also devastated at what he sees… The paddocks are dry & what crops have been sown have that little moisture in them that they have turned purple, I don’t even think that any of it will be harvested. Canola crops that would normally stand 4ft high are barely 3′ off the ground.

I hope that this post inspires at least 1 more person out there to be a bit more water wise. Even if it’s something as little as putting a bucket in the shower. If you only catch 10Litres and used it to water some plants or flush the toilet that’s 10L that you saved, every little bit counts!!!

Britt Baker at Let Me Rant


…”And what” – you may ask “is the Canadian government doing?”

Why everything in their power of course.

[Global Warming, Let’s Roll With It!]

If you still have any doubts about the long term effects of global warming. let this video be a warning:

[Is Global Warming Real?]

…Ok, ok. I know that this is a serious topic. But I can’t write well enough to teach you anything without putting you to sleep. So I thought I’d post a bunch of (hopefully) humorous stuff and let the other bloggers out there show you the good stuff.

Juan Pedro Villa Isaza at The Black Cat

I can change the world with my own two hands…

I live in Medellín, Colombia. It’s a small city (The biggest city in Colombia is Bogotá, which is much bigger than Medellín, and it is not a megacity.) I think that automobiles are a big problem here, which supports the idea that developing countries emulate the impacts of developed nations. We should take conscience of the impact that automobiles have. We should use them as a tool, they are very useful for improving transportation, but that doesn’t mean that we should rely on them.

The name of this post was inspired by a touching song from Ben Harper, called With My Own Two Hands. I truly believe that little actions from two apparently insignificant hands, united to millions of other hands, can make a huge impact.

Judi Thoman is one of the Butterscotch Martini Girls

This is my normal day to blog with the BMGs. The subject I’m speaking about today is methyl iodide from hence forth referred to as MeI.

Some of the things I know about MeI:

After years of being banned, being touted as too toxic, too dangerous it’s now being considered for the production of strawberries. Isn’t that special!

There are proposals for its use a soil disinfectant, a soil fumigant, a fungicide, herbicide, insecticide and a fire extinguisher…

Amanda J. Stanley at Haiku Shmaiku

The Earth is done for,
And I’m stuck on this ship now.
Looking back at it.

A big empty void
Is where our planet once was.
Now just a dead rock.

All of it is gone.
We’ll never see it again.
Looking from afar.


(That picture is from my East Coast vacation with my family. My sister, mother, and I standing in mud at low tide. It’s home to the highest tides in the world you know.)
Mommy Queen Bee at Team Sacher

But what little nugget do I have as a blogger about the environment? To begin, I don’t think anyone should minimize their impact as an individual. What a terrible way to go through life in general anyway. It’s not haughty, it’s just healthy self esteem to know that your general actions, your presence somewhere, your opinions, have meaning…

…In Italy it was amazing to go in the grocery store and see almost everyone bringing in their own bags. Why? First of all, I think they care. Second of all, the store charges for bags. Our groceries have it backwards. At Whole Foods I get a 5 cent rebate that I can take or donate to a charitable cause. Perhaps on the right track, or at least doing better, but sadly, none of these donation options are currently environmental. Missing the point and an educational opportunity a bit, huh?…

…Well, keep on truckin’ anyway. No body said doing good was easy. The world would be perfect if it were. And I KNOW we’ll have a lot more difficult things we’ll need to face, and a lot more difficult changes to make in order to restore health to the environment for our children. Start small, but think BIG. Grow tall and green like a well tended seed.

Julia Sutton at The Sewing Circle

I just finished reading Cormac McCarthy’s book The Road. Let me tell you this is not a stroll across an open field. This is a look at a post civilisation world…

…I want a renovation and some more room. Some days my desire for it can feel desperate. If you have teenagers you will understand. If it were not the renovation it might be a new computer or a new car. The eternal longing for more, bigger, better can be so strong. I can convince myself that everything will be OK when I get the next thing. Familiar?

McCormack’s story helped me to remember that real happiness is not in the getting. Happiness is in the appreciation of what is and in connection with my people. On this blog action day I would offer a prayer that I may live more with less. That is what really offers more comfort and security for me and my planet.



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