Okay. Be Honest. When you need a clear-out to make wardrobe space for your latest fashion purchase, what happens to your cast offs?

Hopefully, you recycle the unwanted sweater from Auntie Margaret and the jeans that you haven’t managed to fit into for the past two years. But, chances are that you are one of the many people who recycle all their paper and tins but see no harm in simply binning a single garment?


Believe it or not, as a nation, the UK throws out around 900 million items of clothes, shoes and accessories every year – but with luck, all that could change with help from an organisation called TRAID.

TRAID (which stands for Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development) is saving cast-off clothes from going to landfill and using them to fund sustainable development projects overseas.


It now has a number of charity shops around London and another in Brighton specialising in vintage and designer label clothes. Garments that don’t make the grade go for recycling or are transformed into new fashion with the help of volunteer dress makers.

So, if you live close to a TRAID outlet, you could pick up designer chic at bargain prices and donate your cast-off clothing at the same time.

You’ll find TRAID shops in Brixton, Hammersmith, Harrow, Holloway, Kilburn, Shepherd’s Bush and Westbourne Grove as well as in Duke Smith, Brighton.


But if there isn’t a TRAID shop near you, there’s still no excuse for wasting your waste !! You’ll find charity shops on high streets all over the country and most are eager to accept quality clothes. And if your garments are past their best, many charities and local councils have recycling banks for clothing and unwanted shoes.


You should be able to find details on your local council’s website – so, instead of being a couch potato this weekend, clear out your closet and help a good cause. As Delboy would say …. You know it makes sense!

You can find out more about TRAID projects or volunteering with TRAID, by logging onto their website.




  1. 1 Joshua Gardiner October 13, 2007 at 6:28 am

    The initiative taken by TRAID is highly laudable as it relates aptly to the issue of pollution and its resultant by-product i.e. global warming.its just left to imagination as to how many innumerable distressed people could get help.many people around the world live with just a piece of loin in winters.if the disposed clothes could be recycled into newer clothes then it solves the issue of disposal because then a lot of land could be saved for garbage disposal.Way to go TRAID!!!!

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