Vodafone UK has extended its recycling initiative with the help of Global Cool. The aim is to have as many people as possible hand in their old phones to a Vodafone store for recycling and reuse. All funds raised will be donated to Global Cool. Global Cool is an environmental campaign aimed at helping people reduces their personal CO2 emissions. Celebrity Ambassadors of Global Cool include Kate Bosworth, Sienna Miller and Rosario Dawson. The aim is to inspire one billion people to reduce their annual carbon footprint by at least one tonne of CO2.

“Vodafone has been recycling phones for some time now,” said Tim Yates, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone-UK. “Currently 90 million handsets are being sent to landfills every year- a crying shame when you think that 65-85% can either be recycled or reused. We believe it is important to make sure our customers know what they can do to prevent this continuing which is why we want to put extra energy behind the campaign and give it a real boost. We are extremely excited by our partnership with Global Cool and want our customers to share our enthusiasm.”

The initiative is simple and open to everyone. Recycling bins are available in all Vodafone stores and they will accept any old mobile, unwanted chargers or other equipment. Or customers can post their old handsets into the freepost envelope they receive when they upgrade their phone.

Many handsets that are in good condition can be refurbished and sold in lower income countries.

“Global Cool is delighted to have the support of Vodafone. We are on a mission to save our planet and Vodafone’s reach and influence with its customers will help us. If we can get one million people in the UK to sign up to MYCO2 on our website, we are on our way to achieving our goal” said Julian Knight, Chairman and CEO of Global Cool.

Some of the funds raised will be used to support the Global Cool campaign will also be used to promote the use of solar devices in Zambia.

Dr. Tarig Ali, research Director, Energy and Environment Office, Imperial College London said, “Global Cool has enabled the corporate weight of Vodafone and the public profiles of celebrities as Sienna and Rosario to team up and call for public action. Simply recycling your old phones will make a difference resulting in real projects on the ground. This can only be good for the environment. I commend this initiative.”




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