Known tiger poacher Laxman Singh Pardhi was arrested in India and has confessed to killing three tigers and four leopards.

The Justice Department and the EPA announced The Hunt Refining Company and the Hunt Southland Refining Company has agreed to pay a $400,000 civil penalty and spend more than $48.5 million for new and upgraded pollution controls at three refineries.

SolonAG has purchased an undisclosed amount of Convertible Preferred Stock in American Clean Power, Inc. (ACPI). ACPI is the parent company of The Solar Center, a solar energy integrator based in New Jersey.

The Boeing Company was fined $471,190 by the Los Angeles Regional Quality Control Board for allowing storm water runoff and waste water discharges with levels of chromium, dioxin, lead and mercury to enter a tributary of the Los Angeles River.

Chinese officials and experts admitted the Three Gorges Dam project has caused more frequent landslides and pollution.

Dell Computer Company committed to neutralizing the carbon impact of its worldwide operations.

The 3rd annual European Energy Policy Conference will be held in Brussels, Belgium October 9 and 10, 2007.

Hydro 2007- New Approaches for a New Area will be held in Grenada, Spain October 15-17, 2007.

Carbon Forum Asia 2007 will be held in Singapore, November 6-7, 2007.



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