One of the top nominees in the “Community” category for this year’s INDEX design awards, PowerPLANTs and PowerSEEDs as beautiful solar powered lights for public spaces. Developed by UeBERSEE, the elegant and stunning display was a response to the challenge set by the city of Pasadena to beautify the area around an active electronic power plant.

The city of Pasadena is profoundly committed to leading the way in environmental awareness and the use of renewable energy and sustainable technologies, as is well detailed on their GreenCity website. They wanted to improve the appearance of the power plant in a way that emphasized a harmonious relationship between natural resources and technology.


The PowerSEED lights are embedded in pavements to act as waymarkers and for pedestrian security. The stars of the show though have to be the PowerPLANTs – incredible, 24 metre (78.7 feet) high flexible stilts, each carrying a single solar light. The 30 thin poles are flexible, so that the lights sway in the breeze and look like some beautiful, gigantic, bioluminescent flowers. Here’s a video : click to see it!

They really are amazing. It seems to be a wonderful way of solving a practical problem in a unique and creative way, and at the same time marking the important commitments to green living and working that Pasadena as a city is making.




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