This past week marked the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The storm affected the Gulf Coast region of the United States and was deemed one of the worst storms recorded in Modern times. The damage was catastrophic. The most published area affected was the New Orleans area. Rebuilding is still on-going. President Bush visited the area and received mixed reviews. All of the current candidates for President are planning on visiting the area. This is still a very touchy subject in the US on several levels. Some insurance companies won lawsuits against homeowners and will not have to pay out on policies, some residents are still missing, some have moved away permanently from the area and others are still living in FEMA trailers. FEMA will begin charging residents rent in the next few months causing more upset to the displaced residents.

Firefighters from around the world have come to the aid of Greece. They have finally contained the fires that have raged out of control leaving massive destruction and damage to much of the area.

Sierra Pacific Industries has paid $13 million to settle allegations of air quality violations at four of the company’s Sierra foothills sites in California.

Idaho Senator Larry Craig resigned from the Senate of the US effective September 30, 2007 over his alleged lewd behavior in a Minnesota toilet. Craig was a member of the US Senate Environmental Committee.

The Government of Colombia, South America has created a new wildlife park. It will protect several endangered species and some indigenous peoples. The park covers the areas from the lowlands of the Amazon Basin to the slopes of the Andean Mountains.

The Corporate Responsibility Reporting and Communications Conference will be held in London November 13-14, 2007.

The Ethical Supply Chain Summit 2007 will be held 29-30 of October in Amsterdam.



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