Argos, a catalogue retail business in the United Kingdom, has recently launched a new environmental program called CARES. This is a staff campaign to increase awareness of the environment.

Each store will encourage the other to save on waste and think of new ways to make differences to the environment.

All Argos’ distribution centres are recycle ready. Stores are being asked to separate their waste and return it to the distribution centre for recycling. Examples of waste items that can be returned are cardboard, paper, metal, plastic, wood, carrier bags, clothes/uniforms, catalogues and flyers.

“This is one of many programs to catch the imagination of our store staff and leads to improvements in overall company waste targets,” said Charles Drewe, sustainability manager for Argos. “Many stores already have good working practices in place and this scheme will enable the most successful processes to be shared throughout the network. The whole process is helping toward the company achieving an inspirational goal of sending zero waste to landfills by 2010.”

“Last month Basildon recycled 185 tonnes of cardboard alone which was six lorries carrying a total of 396 mil size bales,” said Steve Hare, recycling manager at Basildon distribution centre. “In addition, 11 ½ tonnes of soft plastics which is one 40 foot lorry carrying 21 mil size bales.”

Three of Argos’ distribution centres, located in Corby, Basildon, and Bridgewater have been awarded ISO14001 accreditation for their environmental management systems. The ISO14001 is an internationally respected standard for environmental management.

Home Retail Group, parent company of Argos, recycled over forty percent of the waste it generated last year compared to twenty five percent in the previous year.




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