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Well, to really be in fashion when highlighting green issues, it seems that this season one should be in the buff. In rather more comfortable surroundings than Spencer Tunick’s volunteers endured, staff of the high street cosmetics chain Lush have been sporting their birthday suits to publicise the company’s commitment to reducing packaging.

The campaign started in the last month, when staff at 55 stores across the UK took to the streets wearing only white aprons, bearing with the words “Ask me why I’m naked”. Now the company is repeating their message in stores in the US and Canada, and plans to continue their message worldwide. On 18th August, workers at the Vancouver branch of Lush stripped off and donned their pinnies to publicise the 25.2 million tonnes of waste produced by Canadians every year, making Canada one of the highest contributors to global warming per head of population.


According to Lush, packaging is responsible for 2% of all greenhouse gases, and 8% of the world’s oil resources are used each year in producing plastics for the packaging industry. They hope that customers will take the initiative to protest about the damage done to the environment by unnecessary wastage, and avoid buying packaged goods. About 60% of the company’s products are sold “naked”, as they are able to avoid packaging by removing water from many items. As well as soaps, they sell shampoos and bubble bars in solid form, which they estimate saves on the production, transportation and disposal of about 3 million plastic bottles a year.

Lush has also announced that from next month it will replace all of its polystyrene chip and shredded paper packing with popcorn, which I think quite appropriate for a company whose product range includes a lot of foody and fruity flavours.


I hope you’ll appreciate how hard I’ve tried not to mention how peachy the staff look in their aprons. If working at Lush made my bottom look that good, I’d be down there with my curriculum vitae like a shot. There’s a rather good YouTube video of one of the UK events.




  1. 1 Bubble Wrap October 2, 2007 at 5:10 am

    this is not the ,right to promote anything . thats really bad !

  2. 2 Tessina De Lille November 26, 2007 at 10:56 pm


    What you did is wonderful! Thay talk about it here in Belgium and I think it’s a very good message and a nice way to bring it to the people. Those days people only have attentions for things who have a touch of fun or are funny. This was a wonderful idea! Keep on going: I’m supporting you from Brussels!

    Tessina De Lille

  3. 3 Ken Green January 21, 2008 at 12:44 am

    Wonderful! Why didn’t I think of it? Keep up the good work.
    We try to follow your ideals in our retreat in Spain. We buy from the local markets and put the shopping in a trolley shopping bag. We never eat bought fast food or anything wrapped in factory wrap eg polywhatnot plastics. See our websites here:
    Best wishes,

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