Campaigners set up camp for a week at Heathrow to protest the addition of a third runway that would cause additional air traffic and more greenhouse gas emissions.

Suez LNG NA LLC was granted permission from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for its Neptune Deepwater Port Facility. Neptune will bring natural gas to the region.

Caterpillar has been selected to provide methane gas generators to several coal mines in the Shanxi Province of China. Each generator provides 54 megawatts of power and it’s a part of the US/Chinese initiative to reduce greenhouse gases.

On August 16th, Progress Energy of the Carolinas asked customers to curb non-essential use of electricity until after 9pm to ensure there were no demand-related outages after customer usage reached record 12647 megawatt hours on August 9th.

VeraSun Energy Corporation announced as part of its partnership with Ford Motors it will test the new Ford Escape Hybrid flexible fuel vehicles over a two year period. The hybrid will produce 25% fewer greenhouse gas emissions running on E85 as opposed to gasoline.

Eaton Corporation announced the company’s medium hybrid power systems are now commercially available and will be ready for customer deliveries in 2008 on the chassis of several major North American commercial vehicle manufacturers such as International Truck and Engine Corporation, Kenworth Truck Company, Peterbuilt Motors and Freightliner Corporation.

GAP released its 2005-2006 Social Responsibility Report citing 61% of its garment factories are rated “good” or “excellent.”

Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation award Athena Institute International a $60000 grant to improve decision-making tools that can help reduce the environmental impacts of building commercial and residential structures.

Malcolm Turnbull, MP for Environment and Water Resources in Australia said, “The National Greenhouse and Energy Report Bill 2007, was introduced to the Australia legislature. “ This bill lays the foundation for an emissions trading scheme. It will establish the framework for reporting greenhouse gas emissions and abatement action by corporations by July 1, 2008. The government has committed $26.1 million to establish the system.



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