On August 1, all homes in the UK with four or more bedrooms will have to have Home Information Packs which Include energy performance certificates if putting the home on the market to sell.

On August 4, Foot and Mouth Disease were confirmed on a farm in Surrey, UK.

Applications for the Marine Species Recovery and Protections Grants Programme ( Australia) close at 5 P.M., Wednesday August 15th.

September 27-28- A gathering of the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitting countries will be at the White House in the United States. The countries involved are the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, Russia, Indonesia, Canada, India, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Australia, and South America.

September 24- World Leaders meet at the UN to discuss climate change.


Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition

Sept. 11-13 2007

Birmingham, UK

Halls 17-18 and outdoor areas of the NEC

Solar Power 2007 Conference and Expo

Sept. 24-27

Long Beach, California

5th European Conference on Green Power Marketing

Sept. 13-14 2007

Lausanne, Switzerland

Water 2007

Sept 18-20 2007

Goleburg, Sweden

9th Renewable Energy Finance Forum

Sept. 24-25 2007

London, UK


Sept. 27-30 2007

Augsburg, Germany

Athens Summit- Global Climate and Energy Security

May 5-7 2008

Athens, Greece

Hydro 2007- New Approaches for a New Area

Oct. 15-17 2007

Grenada, Spain



  1. 1 Aurelien October 9, 2007 at 1:54 pm

    Athens Summit- Global Climate and Energy Security has been postponed to 5-7 May 2008.

    Quoting Mary Kovani at AC&C International

    In consideration of the recent elections of 16 September and the appointment of a new Minister of Development in Greece, the Organizers and the Advisory Board of the Athens Summit 2007 have decided to postpone the event.

    The Athens Declaration planned, to be signed during the Athens Summit by 44 ministers invited by the Minister of Development in Greece, is undoubtedly the event’s foundation. The rescheduling aims to guarantee that the Summit goals are met without concessions and that the active participation and considerable involvement of local and foreign government officials is promptly secured. Climate change and energy security are top priority in the global agenda and any public dialogue addressing the issues must be prepared with high responsibility.

    The ultimate goal is to contribute to the global efforts with concrete conclusions and feasible solutions. The new dates for the Athens Summit – Global Climate and Energy Security are 5 to 7 May, 2008.

    Forthcoming news related to the Athens Summit will be announced through the website and the regular e-newsletter.

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