van.jpg was awarded a “green oscar” for their newly launched zero emission electric van fleet. is among the first companies in the United Kingdom to run a fleet of battery powered, zero emission home delivery vans.

The award was established by the Internet Shopping Industry to reward individuals and businesses that use internet shopping as a conservative measure to reduce waste and carbon footprints. The awards were hosted by the IRMG (Interactive Media in Retail Group). The Online Green Awards were a part of the Go Green, Go Online event hosted by Shadow MP Greg Barker, Environment Minister.

The vans, which are being utilized in the Shrewsbury area, have the same carrying capabilities as a normal delivery van. They can go 100 miles before requiring recharge. The maximum speed for the vans is about 50mph.

9000 consumers from MSN Shopping and a panel of independent judges chose the OLGA winner from 30 entrants. Laura Wade-Gery, CEO says, “We were the first company to invest in this new van technology helping to create a low carbon society and it is great to be recognized for our commitment.”

Last month, started offering customers the option of receiving their grocery deliveries without bags. That is just one of the initiatives by the company to reduce the amount of carrier bags used by the UK by 1 billion within the next year.




  1. 1 John Latusek August 6, 2007 at 9:21 am

    Pleased though I always am at every bit of useful publicity for the use of electric vehicles, this particular story ain’t true.

    Tesco are not the first — Sainsbury’s have been using Smith electric vehicles for deliveries for the past year. Intially the Smith Faraday model, and latterly the boxvan version of the Smith Edison (which Sainsbury’s emblazon with ‘The Little Green Van’ along the sides).

    Although Tesco ordered 15 of the Modec vans last December, they only took delivery of the first one in March this year.

    The news archive at the Smith website details the history of the Sainsburys vehicle use from around July 2006.

    Watch out also for news in the coming days from California, where Smith are about to announce details of the production of a 12 tonner for the US market. The world’s biggest roadgoing electric vehicle.

  2. 2 Aurelien August 6, 2007 at 6:32 pm

    Thanks for the info, I’ve corrected the mistake.

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