The 100$ laptop may soon be equipping millions of underprivileged 3rd world kids. Beta 4, the final beta version, will be submitted to various tests in the upcoming weeks.


The OLPC organization recently announced things are progressing steadily in their attempt to provide emerging nations children access to computer-based education. Indeed, the final beta version will be tested during a few weeks and should enter mass production in October this year.

Plan is to deliver 3 millions units of the 100$ laptop to at least 3 emerging nations (Lybia, Rwanda and Uruguay), probably by end of year.

The 100$ laptop was developped by MIT labs and gather reknowned partners, such as Intel (recently joined the project), AMD, Nortel, Google, News Corp and Red Hat. It was designed to sustain rude conditions. The screen can be read even in bright sunlight and the laptop can resist water, dust clouds and a 5 feet high fall.

I can’t wait to see the results of this initiative but I’m convinced the 100$ laptop will play a major role in reinforcing education in emerging nations.



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