Sustainable Dance Club

People in search of new ways to generate energy have got some crazy but remarkable ideas. Here’s 1 of them.


Launched in October last year by Enviu, an environmental NGO for young people, this concept brings together entertainment and responsibility. Imagine going to a club where you generate energy while dancing; indeed the floor is designed to collect the energy dancers create when wildly shaking on the latest hits. That’s the Sustainable Dance Club.

But that’s not it: you can enjoy a biological beer, see the low-energy-led-wall of Philips change color according to temperature variations, chill out in the rooftop garden, flush the toilet with rain water and so on. The Sustainable Dance Club is an all-round green place.

Other than that, you can do what you’d normally do in any club: dance, flirt, chat, eat.

Enviu’s aim is that the Sustainable Dance Club be energetically speaking self-supportive. Energy consumption is reduced and additional demand is produced in an environment-friendly way.

From my point of view, it’s a great idea. I love concepts that lead to a positive outcome while generating satisfaction. In my opinion, taxes and regulations regarding sustainable development are a non optimal way to get companies act more responsibly. Show them how they can create value with sustainable development principles and they’ll do it themselves, even faster and better.



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